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The first Day of Immunology (DoI) was held on April 29th, 2005. It was brought to life by the European Federation of Immunological Societies (EFIS) in order to strengthen the public awareness of immunology as a basis for individual health and well-being.


We noticed that although public interest in health issues is high, people without a scientific background often miss the relevance of immunological research and findings. Moreover, scientists are rarely encouraged to explore in the art of public relations, and consequently face difficulties conveying their knowledge to an audience outside the scientific community. Our aim was to create a bridge between our growing understanding of the immune system and informing the public and individual patients, in order to improve health and well-being in general.

For five years, the Day of Immunology has been the occasion to gather European scientists to bring immunology to the public. Due to its great success, it has been celebrated worldwide since 2007.

Japanese immunologists for example focused on activities for public and high school students in 2008: The Japanese Society for Immunology published an entertaining and educational book on immunology suitable for children as their DoI 2008 outreach. EFIS published the English translation of the book for the DoI 2009, to make it available on a non-profit basis to a greater readership in Europe.

The success of the book in English led us to settle a translation support programme. Ten translations have been launched since, and will be soon available for download. We are welcoming any new application to expand the success of the book. (further informations: The Book) This translation program has been a major goal since 2010.

For the DoI 2011, EFIS released a virtual and educative web exhibition for a broad audience at Help us to publish the exhibition translated to other languages as well, to bring immunological awareness to the public in your country (further informations: Web exhibition)

An educational web adaptation of the book "Your Amazing Immune System" was published for the DoI 2012. The website includes quizzes and games, printable content, further reading and full pdfs of the book in different translations.

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