Web Exhibition

To celebrate the 2011 Day of Immunology (29 April 2011) and promote immunology to a large public, EFIS launched a web-exhibition composed of captioned images and videos. Like a slide show, fabulous photos selected from two institutions (the Pasteur Institute and the INSERM) explain what the immune system is made of and how it combats pathogens. The story told throughout the visuals is the story of a never-ending fight between the good ones, our white cells, and the bad ones, the viruses, bacteria, parasites and so on. If the immune system doesn’t win each time, hopefully there are immunologists to help. The idea of this project came from the fact that research institutes produce incredible images and videos of what is going on inside our body. They are strongly appealing, and when the caption explains that what looks like a painting is actually a macrophage swallowing bacteria, then the images hopefully incite fascination. There are also short videos showing lymphocytes checking a reticulocyte, or the invasion of the bacteria in respiratory tissue when the immune system is impaired.

Watch the exhibition online at: www.inside-immunity.org.

The EFIS board welcomes everyone to use this exhibition for their own promotional activities on immunology. Help us to publish the exhibition translated to other languages as well, to bring immunological awareness to the public in your country! Please contact the EFIS Coordinator, Thomas Wiley (email hidden; JavaScript is required) for details!

The large public has too few occasions to see these striking pictures or videos of life at a cellular level, this is why this exhibition is virtual, accessible for everyone and targeting a large audience. Feel free to spread the word!